Russell Swords Ltd provides coaching to Cardiff Academy of Fencing, running classes across the city for both adults and kids, catering for everyone from beginner to international competitor. Come and learn the exciting modern sport of fencing in one of the largest and most successful clubs in Wales! Click below to find out more...

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Fencing is a fun way for kids to stay fit, flexible and healthy, whilst developing skills and confidence. It's completely safe and far cheaper than people often think! All classes are held at the Cardiff Academy of Fencing, Wale's only dedicated fencing salle (school). Course costs includes insurance and all equipment hire.

This is the sign up page for the club's Padawan group for 5-7 year olds. Please only sign up if you've been invited to do so by a member of the coaching team. If you hace not received an invitation, please contact us for details and availability as there is a waiting list for these groups.


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